Construction And Ductile Pipe Cutting Downtown Boston MA 💎♕



Ductile pipe cutting requires good tools to be effective. We talk about ductile iron diamond blades a lot. Mainly, it is important to use a blade like the Iron Man X to get through the material fast and safely. Using a general purpose diamond blade in a ductile iron pipe application will severely limit the blade’s life and also put the cutter at risk. 

Lost segments are always a main concern when using a diamond blades that is not specifically designed for the cutting application. Abrasives are ok to use, but dangerous because of the toxic debris they give off while cutting. Also, you burn through abrasive discs so quickly it is not cost effective.

In this video, we captured a worker cutting into some ductile pipe in Downtown Boston’s Seaport District. A ton of heavy duty construction and site work are going on currently in this district.

One last point on using ductile iron diamond blades, is that the abrasive core seals off the ductile pipe and prevents the pipe from folding or pinching…. Very important. Anyway, use ductile iron diamond blades. 

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